Presentation: What to Expect from the DRA-2
     to the K-5 Teachers, ELL Teachers, Librarians, and
     Special Education Teachers at Morrison Academy.
     Professional Learning Day in Taipei,Taiwan: May 2011.
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Presentation: The Mathematics of Handbell Ringing
     Presentation by my Third Grade Bell Choir
     to the Board of Education, March 2005
     (commendation from Superintendent of Schools)

Presentation: The World We Tele-Share:
     Creating Thinkers for the Next Generation
     NECC 2003, Seattle, WA, Jun.28 - Jul.3, 2003

Presentation on Four-Square Writing Method (grades K-3)
     Linnaeus West School, Endicott, NY, March, 2003.
     Part 1: Holiday Essay (Slow loading PDF due to large size)
     Part 2: Persuasive Essay (large PDF)
     (commendation from School Principal)

Presentation on Aligning the Writing Process for Grades K-3
     Member of the Building Planning Team
     Linnaeus West School, Endicott, NY, October, 2002.
     (commendation from School Principal)

Presentation on Online Conferencing in Alaska
     ARCTIC Program
     Professional Education Center, Juneau, AK, May, 2001.

Presentation on Title 1 (PDF)
     Graduate School of Education
     Binghamton University, Binghamton NY, Spring 2000.