Professional Development:Project-Based Learning:
The Best of 20th Century Learning Theories Synthesized for the 21st Century (with a special focus on the ELL Classroom)


Classroom Research: Using Graphic Organizers (and Rubrics) Across the Content Areas (Created Teacher Guides and Parent Newsletters Online)

Classroom Research:
Alternative Language Arts Assessment
     Spring 2002 (Very slow loading due to size of PDF file)

Classroom Research Paper:
What Happens When Fourth and Fifth Graders
Participate in an Online Conference?,
     Spring 2001 (more info at: Telesharing)

Research Paper: Learning Styles
     Fall, 2000

Research Paper: Folklore, the Arts, and the ESL Child
     Fall, 2000

Research Paper: Cognitively Guided Instruction:
     The Inquiry Learning of Mathematics
     Fall, 2000