"In Juneau we are all partners in providing each student with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be a contributing citizen in a changing world."
            - Mission Statement of the Juneau School District, Juneau, Alaska

"Schweinfurt Elementary School is dedicated to ensuring that all students become productive, responsible citizens as well as life-long learners, who respect the world and its cultures."
            - Mission Statement of the Schweinfurt DoDDS Elementary School, Schweinfurt, Germany

My professional goals are to use my own talents, skills, and knowledge in a way that contributes to the above mission statements, both of which emphasize the importance of citizenship. I believe that for a child to feel like he/she can contribute, make a difference, or be productive, he/she needs...

  • To make connections between what he/she learns and how it can apply to real life;
  • To develop strategies for solving problems (mathematical, logical, hypothetical, social, etc.);
  • To develop a strong work ethic with a positive attitude; and
  • To respect other people.

In my own words, my "mission statement" is to help children become thinkers and problem-solvers, able to apply reading, writing, and math to real life, and able to demonstrate good citizenship and character.

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning (PDF document)