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About the Nine Planets of our Solar System

NASA for Kids: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory Homepage


The Planets at Time for Kids

Pictures of the Planets taken by NASA

Multimedia Tour of the Nine Planets (for looking at pictures)

Exploring the Unknown: About Space Missions...

Voyager Project Homepage (NASA)

List of all Spacecraft Missions

Pioneer 10 Mission Profile

News Release: Pioneer 10 Leaves Solar System

Cassini Mission to Saturn and Titan

Cassini Jupiter Flyby

Articles from Time for Kids

List of all Articles on Planets in Time for Kids

A Rough Landing? Waiting to hear from the Mars Polar Lander (12/10/99)

Anybody Out There? (1/26/96)

Found: A New Solar System (10/27/95)

Great Ball of Fire! Facts about the Sun (9/12/97)

Did an Asteroid Cause Earth's Biggest Extinction? (3/9/01)

Home On An Icy Planet: Kids design a winning city for the future(3/13/98)

Next Stop: Mars Life on Mars? New Evidence... and Facts about Mars (9/13/96)

Our Base in Space (9/22/00)

Our Eye on the Universe: The Hubble Telescope...(11/10/95)

Pluto Gets No Respect (3/22/96)

Rings Around Jupiter Facts about Jupiter(9/25/98)

Saturn Here We Come! About Cassini Mission (10/10/97)

Signs of Life in a Rock Life on Mars? (3/9/01)

Target: Jupiter About Galileo Mission (12/8/95)

Who's Out There? The Discovery of Two New Planets... (2/2/96)

A Mars Mission NASA Spacecraft (Odyssey) Will Look for Water(4/10/01)

Bouncing onto Mars NASA sending Robots to Red Planet(8/17/00)

Is Mars All Wet? (6/23/00)

New Planets Discovered (8/7/00)

Scientists Discover All New Worlds (1/12/01)

Water May Have Flowed On Mars (12/6/00)

Articles from National Geographic World

A Robot Visits the Red Planet (July, 1997)

Space Voyagers (May, 1999)

Destination: Mars (January, 2000)

Star Trekkers (February, 2001)

Where No Man Has Gone Before: Planet X

Hypothetical Planets (Planet X) Difficult Reading

Answers to other Space Questions

Your Weight and Age on Other Planets

Questions from Ms. Paulson's Third Grade Class (Wisconsin)

How the Planets and Satellites Got Their Names

Links to Online Activities and Webquests about the Solar System

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