Touring Our World

(Through Time and Space!)


Join us as we time travel on our own planet Earth and beyond - to investigate where and how people and animals can live!
We'll travel the globe, from tropical rainforests to dry deserts to the freezing arctic tundra! We'll blast off into space and visit our moon, and then stop by each of the planets!

We'll time travel back over a thousand years to see where communities began, and to see how people invented ways to tell time, to communicate in writing (hieroglyphics and runes), to do math, and even to use simple machines for building everything from pyramids to ships!

On our return journey to the present, we'll see how the invention of new technologies (such as the telescope, the printing press, the car, the telephone, and the computer) changed how people live!

And finally, we'll zoom into the future to see what life on a space station or in a Mars colony might be like!

First Stop:
To investigate our solar system,
click on the moon!

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