Merit Badges at Camp Linus

At Camp Linus, the scouts earn Merit Badges (also called Leadership Badges). Across the top of the badge it says, "Camp Linus Leadership Badge." Across the bottom are our Camp Rules and Motto: Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Productive.

Earning a Merit Badge isn't easy. The scout must earn 10 stickers on the badge before the badge is awarded. Once completed, the student is recognized as a leader in that particular skill.

Some of the Merit Badges we are earning at Camp Linus include:
  • Hallway
  • D.E.A.R. Time
  • Independent Worker
  • Attentive Listening
  • Transitions
  • Citizenship
Once a Merit Badge is earned, it is
Here is a picture of all the Citizenship Merit Badges at Camp Linus!

How do scouts earn stickers on their merit badges?

As a class, we decide what the specific skill on the badge would look like and sound like.


Looks like:

  • Straight Line
  • Face Forward
  • Hands at side

Sounds like: Quiet

D.E.A.R. TIME (Drop Everything and Read)

Looks like:

  • Reading books
  • Respecting books
  • Hands and feet to self

Sounds like: Quiet


Looks like:

  • Eyes on person speaking
  • Mouth closed
  • Hands still

Sounds like:

  • Quiet when listening
  • When called on, able to remember details of what was said.

Looks like:

  • Eyes on own work
  • Mouth closed
  • Following directions

Sounds like: Quiet

For more information on the Independent Worker Merit Badge, click here and read about the Scout of the Week.

(Changing from one activity to another)

Looks like:

  • Getting Organized
  • Quick and Efficient
Sounds like: Quiet

For more information on the Transitions Merit Badge, click here and read about the Scout of the Week.


For information on the Citizenship Merit Badge, click here.

MONITORS help with the process of earning merit badges. For example, at D.E.A.R. Time, a monitor holds a red clipboard with a list of all the scouts' names. If a scout is not reading or respecting the books, the monitor puts a checkmark by that name. If a scout makes it all the way through D.E.A.R. Time without receiving a checkmark, he/she gets a sticker on his/her merit badge.
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