Global Youth Conference 2003-2004:

This conference is an opportunity for children to communicate and collaborate with other children from all over the world.

What types of topics will the students discuss in the conference?

  • With a focus on technology and inventions, students will share what life was like in the past (by interviewing a grandparent or elder), is like in the present, and may be like in the future (using the student’s imagination) for the area in which they live.

  • The students will also have the opportunity to discuss environmental concerns, the cause-and-effect of new inventions and technology, and scenarios where students need to consider possible solutions for a problem.

  • As “experts” on the area in which they live, students will share and exchange information about the culture and geography of where they live.

  • Participating in book discussions and recipe exchanges are available options.

  • The conference will NOT include any political commentary or situations.

What is the goal of the conference?

The primary goal is to help the youth of our world connect, collaborate, and consider visions for the future, reflections on the past, and solutions for the present - with a focus on technology & inventions. Technology is defined as any tool created by a people (plow, microscope, telephone, printing press, telescope, radio, TV, telephone, computer, cell phone, typewriter, sewing machine, satellite, clock, watch, coffee maker, washing machine, refrigerator, airplane, automobile, train, rockets, etc.)

  1. Students will consider the cause-and-effect that happens in real life. (What caused a piece of technology to be invented, and what has been the effect of that technology on people’s lives? Has it changed how people live? For the good or not?)

  2. Students will compare-and-contrast the communities of the past, present, and future (in terms of what technology was, is, or may be available).

  3. Students will share environmental concerns and other problems that that are caused by technology, and suggest possible solutions.

What does participation in the conference require?

  1. Students can read and write in English.

  2. The school or home has access to the Internet.

  3. Time for each of the students to visit the conference at least once each week. (Visiting the conference, reading what others have written, and writing some new comments can take about 30 minutes.)

If you are interested in having any students in your school participate in this conference, please e-mail Caryn Camp.