Story Map Writing for Character Trait
ELA Standards 2

Recipe and Language for Character Trait Story Map and Paragraph (step-by-step directions)

Optimal Learning Model for Character Trait

Story Map for Character Trait (PDF Document) (Word Document)

Short Stories and Tales:

  1. Uncle Jed (2 traits: determined, thoughtful)

  2. Why Sun and Moon Live in Sky (thoughtful)

  3. City Green (2 characters: determined, grumpy to cheerful)

  4. The Hare and the Tortoise (2 characters: calm, arrogant)

  5. Lon Po Po (2 characters: clever, cunning to foolish)

  6. Cinder Edna (2 characters: unhappy/negative, cheerful/positive)

  7. Supergrandpa (determined/courageous)