4-Square Writing
for ELA Standard 3: Writing for Critical Analysis and Evaluation

  1. Persuasive Writing
    • Five-Paragraph Persuasive Essay: A Great Gift

  2. Compare-Contrast Writing (not yet included)
    • Fiction
      1. Self-to-Text
      2. Point of View(protagonist/antagonist)
      3. Story Map Elements (characters/setting, problem/solution)
      4. Parallel Characters (i.e. Cinderella and Cinder Edna)
    • Non-Fiction
      1. Science: How Two Different Animals Adapt to Life in the Rainforest
      2. Social Studies: Compare/Contrast Two Communities
      3. Social Studies: the Past vs. Present vs. Future (i.e. Technology)

  3. Problem-Solving in Math
    • PIPS for Story Problems
    • The Problem Solver 4-Step Method

  4. Scientific Method
    • Comparing Mass and Volume