The Campfire Chronicles

reported by Miss Camp

November 11, 2002

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Operation Christmas Child Scout of the Week 10/28 Scout of the Week 11/4
Citizenship Merit Badge Citizens of the Month The Hobbit


Two shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child will be on their way from Camp Linus to a boy and girl (age 5-8) who live somewhere in the world where they don't have as much as we do. The Camp Linus scouts brainstormed a list of items that they thought kids might need and like, and that could fit in a shoebox. Each scout will choose one item to bring in, or $1 if a gift is not possible. All items must be new.

Bar of Soap
Flashlight & batteries
Winter gloves
Small pack of tissues
Pad of drawing paper
Pencils and Pencil Sharpener
Matchbox Car
Bouncing Ball
Beanie Baby
Bar of Soap
Flashlight & batteries
Winter gloves
Small pack of tissues
Pad of drawing paper
Pencils and Pencil Sharpener
Hair Barrettes
Small Writing Notebook
Beanie Babies (several)

Mrs. Camp (Miss Camp's mom) will wrap and pack the shoeboxes for us, and Mrs. Feather (our school nurse) will facilitate their being sent. It is a lot of fun, and a special feeling, to participate in this small effort to make a difference in the world. Please have your gift in by Tuesday, Nov. 19th.

for the week of
Oct. 28th


Megan is our Scout of the Week because her behavior in school is a good example to others.


  • is kind to others.
  • has good manners and is patient.
  • waits her turn to speak, and raises her hand before speaking.
  • has a good attitude.
  • has a sense of humor.
  • always tries her best.
  • keeps her desk neat.
  • brings her take-home folder and homework planner back each day.
Congratulations Megan!


Are you ready for an amazing coincidence? It was Tuesday, October 16, 2001 at 2:40 p.m. President Bush was at a Red Cross event at an elementary school in Washington , D.C. As President Bush had requested of all the children in America, the students had each brought in one dollar to help the children in Afghanistan. Surrounded by students holding up their dollar bills, President Bush says, "We should have a merit badge for this!" On that very morning, Miss Camp had introduced the Citizenship Merit Badge to Camp Linus. This year marks the second year for this special merit badge.

Unlike the other merit badges being earned by the scouts at Camp Linus, the Citizenship Merit Badge is earned by completing 10 separate items:

  1. Make a picture of the American flag

  2. Make a picture card for servicemen and women overseas.

  3. Draw a picture of American Pride (ideas of class included: White House, Statue of Liberty, Bald Eagle, Dollar Bill with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mount Rushmore, Yankee Stadium, border of stars and stripes)

  4. Write the Pledge of Allegiance and illustrate.

  5. Poem about FREEDOM

  6. Write a letter to President Bush.

  7. Sing one of America's patriotic songs.

  8. Perform one act of community service (i.e. rake leaves for a neighbor, pick up trash by side of road, make cookies for a neighbor - must be okayed and supervised by a parent).

  9. Wear Red, White, and Blue on Tuesday, November 19th, 2002.

  10. Bring in a gift, or $1, for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

When the merit badges have been earned, the letters to President Bush, and photocopies of the completed merit badges, will be sent to President Bush at the White House. The scouts at Camp Linus are proud to be Americans, and believe in the freedom for which America stands.

for the week of
Nov. 4th


Ian is our Scout of the Week because he demonstrates good leadership skills. By his own behavior, choices, and attitude, he sets a great example for others:

  • Attitude & Work Ethic: Ian has a cheerful and positive attitude in all that he does. He is willing to try every activity, even when it is challenging. If he needs help, he asks!

  • Responsibility: As both a morning announcer, and as a part of Safety Patrol, Ian has demonstrated his high level of responsibility.

  • Respect: Ian treats everyone with respect and kindness.

  • Trust: People trust Ian because he shows us his sense of responsibilitiy, positive attitude, willingness to try new things, and respect for others.

Congratulations Ian!

Austin L. (for our class)

Tylor (for Physical Education)

A “Citizen of the Month” is selected from each class and honored at a school-wide assembly. Camp Linus had 2 Citizens of the Month for November. Students who are selected have demonstrated the characteristics of good citizenship. Criteria include:

  • A positive attitude
  • Using good manners
  • Being thoughtful and helpful
  • Showing Responsibility
  • Putting forth best effort
  • Showing concern for others
  • Displaying good sportsmanship

Austin L. and Tylor!
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Do you like to read about wizards, dragons, elves, dwarves, goblins, magical lands, and great adventures? This genre is called fantasy, and The Hobbit is one of the most famous books of this genre ever written!

At Camp Linus, the scouts hear a few pages of The Hobbit every day. It is an opportunity to practice "attentive listening." Attentive listening is the ability to repeat back something that was heard. For example, the scouts heard what hobbits look like, and they can probably still tell you! See if your scout can answer these questions:

  1. Does a hobbit wear shoes? Why or why not?
  2. Does a hobbit dress in green & yellow, or in orange & black?
  3. Is a hobbit short or tall?
  4. How good is a hobbit's hearing?
  5. What kind of magic can a hobbit do?
  6. A hobbit has curly hair. What color is it?

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Drawing a picture helped us to figure out this puzzle:
How can an underground house have windows with a view of the river?
Click on HINT to get a hint!

The prefix UN helped us to understand what unadventuresome means. We decided that an adventure is like an exciting journey. Unadventuresome must mean that the hobbit doesn't like to go on exciting journeys.

THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien
Describing Bilbo Baggins (the hobbit)

He doesn't like to go on adventures. He stays in his house.
Mad He wants Gandalph to leave and says "Good Morning" (meaning Good-bye) to make him leave.
Doesn't know what to do when a lot of dwarves come into his house uninvited and unexpected.
Short He's only half as tall as Big People (humans).
Happy Smiles, laughs
Hungry Likes to eat lots of cakes

The Hobbit is full of a wonderful and rich vocabulary that often requires some sleuthing to figure out. Using context clues, looking for words within words, and the dictionary, we are solving many word mysteries such as these:
  • Amusing
  • Profitable
  • Haughty
  • Throng
  • Flustered
  • Flummoxed
  • Bewildered
  • Larder
  • Depredations
  • Mines


What do you do when 13 dwarves drop by uninvited? (uninvited and unexpected are two more "un" words!)

When dwarves begin arriving at Bilbo's house, we kept track of their names and the color of their beards and hoods:

Beard Color
Hood Color
BalinWhiteScarlet (red)
Pale Green
Thorin?Sky Blue, long silver tassel
Setting the Scene...

After organizing the list of dwarves in a table, we drew a picture of the 13 uninvited guests, plus Gandalph, in the hobbit's home. (Since there aren't very many pictures in our book, we are illustrating the book ourselves!)

A Hobbit of Many Feelings...

When the dwarves show up uninvited and unexpected, how does Bilbo feel?

When the dwarves are carrying tall stacks of bowls and cups to the kitchen, they sing a song. How does that song make Bilbo feel?

After eating, when the dwarves get their instruments and play music, how does Bilbo feel?

THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien

Picture this scene: Bilbo Baggins (the hobbit), the 13 dwarves, and Gandalph (the wizard) are playing their instruments and singing in Bilbo's house. As the dwarves keep singing, the sun goes down. The candles and fire go out. Bilbo looks out his window and sees a flame shoot up from the woods beyond the river. His imagination wonders if it is a dragon breathing fire. He looks back inside and all he sees in the darkness are the glowing eyes of the dwarves. Spooked, he gets up to go hide and hears a voice say, "Where are you going?" (Very exciting…and suspenseful!)

More juicy vocabulary words from The Hobbit include:

  • Apologetically
  • Conspirator
  • Audacious
  • Shuddering
  • Trembling
  • Ingenious
  • Plundering dragon

Song Sleuthing:
We are having fun figuring out what the songs (poems) of the dwarves mean! We use "CHORAL READING" to help us. That is when we all read the poem out loud at the same time.

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Answers to The Hobbit Questions

  1. No. Their feet is leathery and hairy.

  2. Green and yellow.

  3. Short

  4. Can hear one of the Big People a mile away

  5. Disappear

  6. Brown
Hint to Hobbit Puzzle

The house is inside of a hill.