The Campfire Chronicles

reported by Miss Camp

September 6, 2002

Tuesday, September 10: 7:30 – 8:00
Room 12 (right before the Health Office)

On Friday, we learned about Multiple Intelligences. Multiple Intelligences means that we can be smart in many different ways. We can be smart with words, or with numbers, or with pictures, or with music, or with how we move our body, or with how we get along with other people, or with how we solve puzzles, or with how we plant gardens!

Each week we will try one activity that uses a different one of our multiple intelligences. On Friday, we tried using different parts of our body to write our name!

Click on the foot to see some more picture of Body Writing!

This week we began learning about the continents and oceans of our world. We learned some new “prefixes” that helped us to understand what “equator” and “hemisphere” mean!

Since we knew a sphere is the same shape as a ball, and we learned that “hemi” means “half,” we figured out that “hemi-sphere” is like half of a ball!

“Equa” means both sides are the same – like in EQUAL! So Equator splits the world into two halves that are exactly the same! And those two halves are called hemispheres!

Click on North America to see some more pictures of our Map Making!

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