The Campfire Chronicles

reported by Miss Camp

May 3, 2002

Baby Chicks are Hatching in the 2nd Grade Classrooms at LWW!!



This week we elected our Scout of the Week by secret ballot. Each student thought about which person in the classroom has been making good behavior choices so consistently that other students look up to that person as a leader – someone whose example they would like to follow. Some of our Good Choices include:

  • Looking at the teacher when the teacher is talking.
  • Keeping hands still when the teacher is talking.
  • Keeping desk organized.
  • Having a good attitude and not complaining.
  • Listening to and following directions – knowing what the question is when called on!
  • Not running or talking in the hallway.

Brianna’s peers believe that she deserves this award for this week!

Congratulations Brianna!

Melissa, Nick, Lenny, & Jessica

Camp Linus is proud to have FOUR Citizens of the Month for the month of May!!!

  • Melissa is the Citizen of the Month selected by Miss Camp.
  • Nick is the Citizen of the Month selected by Ms. Spak.
  • Lenny is a Citizen of the Month selected by the Art Teacher.
  • Jessica is a Citizen of the Month also selected by the Art Teacher.

Citizens of the Month at LWW are selected based on demonstrating these characteristics of good citizenship:

  • A positive attitude
  • Using good manners
  • Being thoughtful and helpful
  • Showing responsibility
  • Putting forth best effort
  • Showing concern for others
  • Displaying good sportsmanship

Congratulations to all of our Citizens of the Month!

Camp Linus is in charge of the morning announcements at LWW for the Month of May. Our announcers for this month are as follows:

        May 1-3: Ryan Schr. and Felicia
        May 6-8: Nick and Eric
        May 9-10: Lenny and Eric
        May 13-15: Jessica and Brianna
        May 16-17: Royden and Chelsea
        May 20-22: Dustin and Mike
        May 28-31: Adam and Ryan St.


We have been studying biomes at Camp Linus. A biome is a complex community of plants and animals that live together in a certain region and climate. The biomes include:

  • 3 types of forest (deciduous, coniferous, rainforest)
  • Desert
  • Arctic tundra
  • Grasslands
  • Aquatic biomes (fresh water & salt water)

Animals adapt to the environment and climate of the biome in which they live.

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