The Campfire Chronicles

reported by Miss Camp

March 8, 2002



Jenna is our Scout of the Week because she sets a wonderful example for how to treat other people. Anyone who meets Jenna is able to feel her respect and acceptance, as well as her humor and kindness! She makes people feel good about themselves just as they are.

Congratulations Jenna!

Nikki and Travis

If we had an award for “Most Expressive Reader,” Nikki would win it! Nikki is such a talented storyteller that she had Travis completely transfixed! There are not many who can hold onto a first grader’s attention as well as Nikki did. It is fun to listen to Nikki simply because we can see on her face and hear in her voice how much she enjoys reading!

Congratulations Nikki and Travis!
Our friend Dan Kosick is on the U.S. Ski Team competing in the Para-Olympics that begin next Saturday! On TV:

Sat. 3/9: 2-3 p.m. (NBC)

3/9 - 3/16: 6 - 7 p.m. (every day on A & E - cable channel 38).

See Dan’s biography at: (from the drop-down menu, click on “Athlete Biographies” and then on “Alpine Skiing.”)


Thanks to the PTA, the Hill Brothers came to AGM! After inviting us all on a “musical adventure to respect and responsibility” by singing “Come on in to this world of treating ourselves well!” Jeff and Dave soon had everyone laughing and participating in their songs about being respectful, responsible, and team players. Their main message was that it is important for us to treat ourselves and others well.

For their first song, they asked us: “If I was going to be respectful, what would I do?” For their song about teamwork, Dave had us play a little joke on Jeff. Every time Jeff said the word “up,” we stood up. Every time he said the word “down,” we sat down!

In their song about responsibility, they had some pretty silly examples about not having their homework done! There was the puppy who stood 6 foot 4 as he smiled and burped. There was the homework that needed to be used as a diaper for the 1-year-old sister who had just run out of diapers. And of course, there was the giant alien spaceship with a lazer beam that zapped up their homework into outer space! For every one of their excuses, the students (in the role of the teacher) all shouted, “I don’t think so!” To be responsible, we learned that “making up lies and alibis is not the thing to do!”

To learn how we can get more respect, we learned that we need to give more respect – as we danced “The Respect Twist.”

Special Note for Kids Only:
Want to win an autographed copy of their tape? Log onto their website at:
Click on “Kids Only.” Type in your favorite book and why you like it. Each month they pick one student from those who have written about their favorite book, and mail an autographed tape to them at their school!

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