The Campfire Chronicles

reported by Miss Camp

February 1, 2002

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Mercury's Weather Report Never-Ending Story The Hobbit


Lenny is our Scout of the Week this week because he consistently tries his best with a good attitude.

As one of the morning announcers this week, Lenny took his responsibility seriously. He practiced the Pledge many times last weekend in preparation, and he took pride in his task.

Lenny also worked hard on his work in Miss Camp’s room this week. He used neat handwriting and followed directions well.

Lenny always has a book to look at after school while he waits for his bus. He sets a good example for others.

Lenny is a kind to everyone. He is a good friend.

Congratulations Lenny!

Josh and Matt

Josh and Matt are our Reader Buddies for the week. They were so engaged in their story that they never even looked up to see what anyone else was doing! They frequently stopped to discuss a picture or the events of the story, and to share their predictions of what would happen next!

Congratulations Josh and Matt!

This week’s featured writer is Brennan. A fairy tale quality, a story within a story, and a sense of humor are all evident in Brennan’s story (now displayed on the “Journey to the Write Stuff” bulletin board outside the cafeteria) that is published below:
Congratulations Brennan!

Once again the morning announcers from Camp Linus planned a surprise weather forecast for the school! This week our two announcers were Lenny and Nikki. On Friday, February 1st, they reported:

Today’s weather forecast is either 800° or negative 300°, depending on where the sun is, and watch out for flying asteroids! Oops! That’s the weather report for Mercury! Here on Earth we are expecting 60° today and 20° tomorrow! Don’t worry about asteroids but watch out for some rain!

Nice job Lenny and Nikki! :-)

The Contest

        Once upon a time there was a king who had a beautiful princess. Everyone wanted to marry her. The king made a contest. Whoever told an unending story would marry the princess.

        One day a few guys entered the contest. They told a few stories but they ran out. So they were banished. Then one day a guy named Jack came and knocked on the door. He said to the king he wanted to enter the contest.

        This was his story: One day a farmer built a barn. There was a hole for an ant to go through. One day an ant went through. Then another and another and another…

        The king got so bored he said, “Is this story ever going to end?”

        Jack just smiled up and said, “Nope!” So Jack married the princess. He promised never to tell the unending story again.
                                           By Brennan

The Never-Ending Story
by Camp Linus

Page 1 (by Chelsea):
        Once upon a time there were two hobbits. Their names were FiFi and FoFo. They love to go on adventures.
        One day a wizard came. His name was Wavewand and he said a spell...

Page 2 (by Nikki):
        ...on Fofo. Fofo fell on the ground for a little bit. Then he woke up. His eyes turned red. He followed the wizard to his tower. He threw Fofo in the dungeon. He locked the door with three locks. Then Fifi went to get...

Page 3 (by Tiano):
        ...Fofo. She had to kill the wizard to break the spell. So Fifi went on a journey. Fifi met a goblin. His name was Toto. He gave Fifi food but in the food was...

Page 4 (by Alexis):
        ...poison. The goblin dug a hole and put Fifi in it. He buried Fifi. Poof! An elf jumped out of the ground. The elf tied the goblin to a tree and saved Fifi. The elf tripped over a stone and dropped Fifi. She woke up. The elf told Fifi to run and she did. She ran to the tower and saved Fofo but...

Page 5 (by Eric):
        ...she had nothing to kill the wizard with. There were a lot of swords and bows and arrows in a hall but you had to go through a dangerous obstacle course to get there. Fifi did it. She grabbed a bow and arrow and a sword. The next hard part was to find the wizard so...

Page 6 (by Brennan):
        ...STAY TUNED!

THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien

...Beorn helps Bilbo and the dwarves make it safely to the edge of Mirkwood Forest. It is there that Gandalf leaves them…with the warning to never leave the path in the forest, and to never touch the enchanted black water...

No sunlight can get through the tangle of treetops to the forest floor, and so the group must walk in pitch blackness. They are not even able to see their hands in front of their faces! All they can see are the glowing eyes of forest creatures looking at them as they pass by.

After successfully crossing the black water without getting wet, Bombur accidentally falls in while attempting to catch a deer. He immediately falls asleep, and it is not until days later that he wakes up – with no memory since being in Bilbo’s house at the journey’s start.

When the group sees the lights of what looks like a possible feast, their desperate hunger makes them go investigate…even though it means leaving the path! When they enter the circle of torch lights where wood elves are feasting, the lights go out. The dwarves not only lose track of each other, but of what direction the path is in! When they finally find each other, they see another circle of lights and head toward it to try again! Again the lights go out! The third time this happens, Bilbo finds himself all alone.

After wandering and dozing, Bilbo comes awake to find one of the forest’s giant spiders busy wrapping him up! Bilbo pulls out his dagger and breaks free. The spider has never seen a dagger, and thinks it must be Bilbo’s “sting.” When Bilbo realizes that he has defended himself all on his own, he names his dagger, “Sting.” Moving on, Bilbo soon comes upon the dwarves. They are all being held captive by the spiders. Putting on his ring of invisibility, Bilbo sings songs to taunt the spiders and lure them away from the dwarves. Circling back, he uses “Sting” to free the dwarves. Before they can escape, the spiders return! Bilbo has no choice but to let the dwarves know about his Ring. With his Ring and Sting, Bilbo succeeds at helping the dwarves escape.

They soon realize that Thorin is missing! (It turns out that Thorin had been taken captive by the Wood Elves back in one of their circles. He is now being held in their dungeon by the Elven King!) As the 12 dwarves and Bilbo continued to search for food and hopefully Thorin, the wood-elves take them by surprise! Bilbo, however, had quickly put on his Ring, and the elves never saw him. With all of the dwarves now held captive by the wood elves, will Bilbo figure out how to save them? What will happen next?

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