A Tour of Camp Linus
In the hallway outside of Camp Linus, our bulletin board shows a special tent for each scout!
As we enter Camp Linus, we look left... ...and we look right.
Let's walk around the room. From the door, we turn left into the meeting area.
In the meeting area, we sit around a campfire!
From the meeting area, we can see the curtains covering our puppet theater.
To the right of the curtains, in the corner of the room, is Miss Camp's office :-). Along the next wall, in front of Miss Camp's desk, are our computers.
From the computers, we look across the room to the sink in the corner, and to the door...and toward the other end of the room.(Can you see the class rules above the door? They say "Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Productive." Being Safe means walking in school and keeping hands and feet to self. Being Kind means listening attentively when someone else is talking, and being quiet when others are working. Being Productive means following directions.)
From the corner of the room where the tables are, we look across the room.(The door is to the left, and the windows are to the right.) At the end of the day, we put our chairs up. Do you like our tennis balls?(They help keep the noise level down, and the floor polished!)
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